Exhibits in table go back to “Normal” after update

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This issue applies to ExhibitManager versions 4.3 to 5.2 (up to build 6954).

After updating the exhibits in your MS Word document, the exhibit citations in tables revert to the “Normal” style and appear in a different formatting:

Please follow these steps to fix this issue:
1. In your submission, place the cursor into the content control box containing the exhibit number:

2. Now, position the cursor outside the content control box using the cursor keys on your keyboard.

CAREFUL: Please make sure the cursor is indeed outside the content control. The cursor is outside the content control if you do not anymore see the ExhibitManager content control box.

3. Add a space outside the content control box.

4. Apply the proper paragraph style to the cell or the table as shown in the picture below.

6. Now go to ExhibitManager and update exhibit numbers again.