Updating to version 5.2

in Installation and database settings

If you are updating from a previous ExhibitManager version, please do the following:

1. Make sure you have installed Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or newer including the the optional Full-Text Search components when you installed SQL Server. If not, you have to run SQL Server Setup again to add the Full-Text Search services.

2. Backup your customized “Templates.db” file

3. Install ExhibitManager with the ExhibitManager Installer

4. Start ExhibitManager and upgrade the database(s) with the upgrade tool (Tools, Upgrade Database).
You need to enter the appropriate database credentials with sufficient privileges to perform ALTER TABLE operations on the database (typically db_Owner privileges).

5. If updating from an ExhibitManager version prior to 4.2, please adapt the alternate citation styles in your submission templates accordingly using the
Template editor which can be found under Tools, Template Editor. You can now assign up to three alternate citation styles (as opposed to the former Exhibit Number only citation) to each exhibit type in the Project template. If applicable, please assign the appropriate alternate citation styles to the exhibit types in each project under File, Project settings, Exhibit types.