ExhibitManager is available in two licensing options: traditional per-user licensing or on a per case subscription basis.

Per User Licensing

Under this licensing model, ExhibitManager is licensed per user (lawyer, paralegal, assistant, etc.). Each license of ExhibitManager can be installed on your office computer, a home computer, and a laptop for easy access by a single user regardless of their location, allowing greater flexibility and productivity. Under this licensing model, you have the right to use the licensed ExhibitManager version for a specific number of users without any time restrictions (perpetual license) and without any restrictions concerning the number of cases (projects) you manage with ExhibitManager.

Number of usersLicense fee (perpetual license), excluding VAT*
1 userCHF 590.- (USD 670, EUR 490, GBP 400)
5 usersCHF 560.- (USD 640, EUR 460, GBP 380)/per user
10 usersCHF 530.- (USD 605, EUR 435, GBP 360)/per user
20 usersCHF 500.- (USD 570, EUR 410, GBP 340)/per user
For more users, please contact Causasoft LLC

The annual maintenance fee for support and updates amounts to 20% of the license fee. The maintenance fee is mandatory during the first year.

Per Case Subscription

Under the per case subscription model, you pay a licensing fee of CHF 990 excluding VAT (USD 1200, EUR 820, GBP 680)* per case/project. You can install and run the current version of ExhibitManager for as many users in your organization as you wish without any time restrictions (perpetual license) for the licensed case/project.

This licensing model is particularly attractive for larger teams that would like to avoid the initial investment in perpetual licenses and the hassle of managing per user licenses. Since the per case subscription fee can easily be attributed to a specific matter, it can be billed to the client as part of the litigation/arbitration costs. Under this licensing model, you can further use the latest version of ExhibitManager without having to worry about annual maintenance fees.

* pricing subject to change without notice / ask for full licence details. CHF prices apply. USD, EUR, GBP amounts (converted March 2014) are for orientation only.