ExhibitManager Version 5.3 is available

Version 5.3. includes the following compelling new features such as: SharePoint Online integration for even better collaboration within teams or with experts and co-counsel. This is option allows you to store documents on a SharePoint Online site if working with a file server does not suit your needs. User interface… Read More

ExhibitManager Version 5.2 available

ExhibitManager version 5.2 includes the following new features: Full-text search through SQL Server Improved access management for projects New user automatically added when opening project with proper access to SQL Server database Preview pane can be floated Notes and translation accessible in preview pane Cover pages are fully customizable Possibility to generate licensing reports… Read More

Download an eBrief from the SCC platform onto your iPad

In this video tutorial you will learn how to download an eBrief created with ExhibitManager from the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce filing platform onto your iPad. Read More

Microsoft Translator

ExhibitManager Version 5.1 (as of build 6678) provides you with the possibility to translate documents with the Microsoft Translator text API. While machine translation is not yet on parity with human translation, it is very useful to assess the relevance of documents for a particular issue. Read More

ExhibitManager Version 5.1 available

ExhibitManager version 5.1 includes the following new features: User management: Restrict access to projects to users and groups of users Limit access to certain features by assigning roles to users Import data from any eDiscovery tool via spreadsheets to ExhibitManager Preview: Improved multi-page PDF file previewer Templates: Templates (citation styles, LoE… Read More

Pro Bono Work

Since 1 January 2018 Causasoft GmbH is supporting Redress.org, an NGO dedicated to ending torture and seeking justice for survivors worldwide. Read More

ExhibitManager wins the top 10 products of 2016 award

Subscribers of TL Newswire have voted ExhibitManager as a top 10 product for 2016. See details. Read More

Technolawyer reviews ExhibitManager

The leading US technology blog for lawyers has recently reviewed ExhibitManager. To download the article, please click this link. Read More

ExhibitManager Version 5 is here!

ExhibitManager version 5 is here. We have listened to you and have included many new, exciting features. The main new features include: Updating exhibits in multiple documents at the same time (e.g. Statement of Claim and all witness statements) Possibility to amend an existing eBrief (e.g. add an interactive witness statement to the… Read More