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In an arbitration the chances your opponent uses EM are quite high, since 75% of the leading arbitration firms are already using EM today.

If your opponent has sent you a bundle that was created using EM, importing these exhibits into your project is a matter of a few mouse clicks. This saves your team a lot of time and speeds up the workflow tremendously.

Learn in this video how to add the exhibits of your opponent to your project with a few mouse clicks.


ExhibitManager version 5.2 includes the following new features:

  1. Full-text search through SQL Server
  2. Improved access management for projects
  3. New user automatically added when opening project with proper access to SQL Server database
  4. Preview pane can be floated
  5. Notes and translation accessible in preview pane
  6. Cover pages are fully customizable
  7. Possibility to generate licensing reports
  8. Substantial performance improvements

ExhibitManager version 5.1 includes the following new features:

  1. User management:
    Restrict access to projects to users and groups of users
    Limit access to certain features by assigning roles to users
  2. Import data from any eDiscovery tool via spreadsheets to ExhibitManager
  3. Preview: Improved multi-page PDF file previewer
  4. Templates: Templates (citation styles, LoE styles, project templates) can be stored in the SQL database (instead of in the Templates.db file) for easier maintenance
  5. Performance improvements.

Since 1 January 2018 Causasoft GmbH is supporting, an NGO dedicated to ending torture and seeking justice for survivors worldwide.


Subscribers of TL Newswire have voted ExhibitManager as a top 10 product for 2016. See details.

A third of GAR 30 firms are using ExhibitManager for managing their exhibits, drafting submissions and creating hyperlinked eBriefs.
The Global Arbitration Review lists the top 30 arbitration law firms (GAR 30 list). Eight of these firms have already deployed ExhibitManager for managing their exhibits, drafting submissions and creating hyperlinked eBriefs, and a further four firms are currently evaluating ExhibitManager for their arbitration teams.
ExhibitManager has been tried and tested by the premier arbitration teams around the world. If you are interested in a demonstration of ExhibitManager in your firm or via internet, please contact us.


The Young Arbitrators Match (YAM) is the first and only competition which provides young arbitration practitioners with an opportunity to draft an arbitral award based on a set of facts and an exchange of written submissions between two parties to a dispute, in similar conditions to a real life arbitration.
Causasoft supports the 2016 Young Arbitrators Match by providing eBrief versions of the Statement of Claim and Statement of Defence created using the ExhibitManager, the intelligent litigation software. The eBriefs are fully hyperlinked PDF submissions, in which every citation of a legal or fact exhibit is linked to the corresponding PDF. Clicking on a citation or reference will open the corresponding exhibit in a new window. This will allow the YAM participants to quickly and efficiently review the submissions, evidence and legal exhibits and to focus on their task: drafting the arbitral award.
If you are interested in learning how you can use ExhibtManager in your litigation or arbitration practice, please contact us.