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ExhibitManager version 5.1 includes the following new features:

  1. User management:
    Restrict access to projects to users and groups of users
    Limit access to certain features by assigning roles to users
  2. Import data from any eDiscovery tool via spreadsheets to ExhibitManager
  3. Preview: Improved multi-page PDF file previewer
  4. Templates: Templates (citation styles, LoE styles, project templates) can be stored in the SQL database (instead of in the Templates.db file) for easier maintenance
  5. Performance improvements.





The leading US technology blog for lawyers has recently reviewed ExhibitManager. To download the article, please click this link.


The Young Arbitrators Match (YAM) is the first and only competition which provides young arbitration practitioners with an opportunity to draft an arbitral award based on a set of facts and an exchange of written submissions between two parties to a dispute, in similar conditions to a real life arbitration.
Causasoft supports the 2016 Young Arbitrators Match by providing eBrief versions of the Statement of Claim and Statement of Defence created using the ExhibitManager, the intelligent litigation software. The eBriefs are fully hyperlinked PDF submissions, in which every citation of a legal or fact exhibit is linked to the corresponding PDF. Clicking on a citation or reference will open the corresponding exhibit in a new window. This will allow the YAM participants to quickly and efficiently review the submissions, evidence and legal exhibits and to focus on their task: drafting the arbitral award.
If you are interested in learning how you can use ExhibtManager in your litigation or arbitration practice, please contact us.

We are currently testing several new features which we will include in our next major version update later this year:

  • Full-text search exhibits in ExhibitManager.
  • Digitally sign your submissions using a qualified digital signature from within ExhibitManager without having to switch to a special signing software.
  • Automatically insert the description, date and exhibit number when importing exhibits that have previously been created with ExhibitManager. This feature is very useful and timesaving when importing exhibits from opposing counsel (provided they are using ExhibitManager) or if you are an arbitrator and the parties are using ExhibitManager.
  • Automatically insert titles between different exhibit types in lists of exhibits.

One feature we are really excited about is importing emails into ExhibitManager. Drag-and-drop email files (.msg or .eml) into ExhibitManager and ExhibitManager automatically inserts description and date based on the sender, recipient, date, and subject fields in the email. You can further choose to

  • convert the email to PDF format, and
  • append PDF attachments to the PDF of the email itself instead of including them as attachments. This can tremendously facilitate the printing and viewing process of the exhibits.

We are  also testing linking exhibits not only to locally stored files to any URL. This is useful for creating eBriefs that not only link to exhibits physically stored on a memory stick or CD-ROM, but that contain hyperlinks to legal exhibits stored in legal databases (e.g. Swisslex, Westlaw, Decisions of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, etc.).

Finally, we plan to support multi-part exhibits (e.g. Exh. C-1a, Exh. C-1b, Exh. C-1c) and sub-exhibits (e.g. C-1, C-1 Annex A, C-1 Annex B, C-1 Annex C). This is helpful when citing exhibits which are split up in several documents or where citing e.g. a contract with several annexes or appendices.


We are happy to announce the availability of a new ExhibitManager release. Among other improvements, the new release 3.6 contains the following new features:

  • Batch OCR (optical character recognition) for exhibits during import or later on;
  • Improved handling of citations to specific exhibit pages in eBriefs;
  • Possibility to automatically store all exhibits in the ExhibitManager library (a central repository (directory) on a file share);
  • Exhibit descriptions can be fully formatted (e.g. italics, bold, underline etc.);
  • Improved handling of imprecise dates for exhibits;
  • Updated user interface.

To download the latest release, please visit our download page.


A new ExhibitManager brochure is available online. Please contact us if you would like to receive a hardcopy.


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Creating hyperlinked electronic briefs until now has been a tedious process. After submitting your submission to the arbitral tribunal or court, law firms typically had to send all documents to a third-party service provider who will then prepare an eBrief. This process usually involves a delay of several days and considerable costs.

The new version of ExhibitManager creates fully interactive eBriefs with just a few mouse clicks.

Once you’ve completed your submission, a simple eBrief Assistant will guide you through the process of creating a fully hyperlinked PDF eBrief. ExhibitManager will:

  • electronically bundle and stamp all your exhibits,
  • transform all the citations in your submission to hyperlinks to the filed exhibits, transcript or even submissions,
  • create fully hyperlinked lists of exhibits, and
  • create navigational bookmarks and bookmarks to all the exhibits.

To see how the new eBrief Assistant works, please watch the following video or download the latest version of ExhibitManager:



In an ideal world, a legal submission and accompanying exhibits are completed well ahead of the deadline and can be handed off to a service provide to create – at considerable cost – a nice hyperlinked electronic brief (“eBrief”), with plenty of time to spare to check everything. In the real world, last minute changes, confidentiality considerations and cost concerns stand in the way of outsourcing your eBrief to an outside service provider.

ExhibitManager was developed with the real litigation/arbitration world in mind. It automatically links all citations when you are writing your submission in Microsoft Word so that you, as a lawyer, have the all the benefit of a hyperlinked submission and more as you are typing:

  • you can click on cited exhibits to open the linked document
  • you can mark or highlight sections of the linked document
  • you can make on the fly adjustments to the citation itself

ExhibitManager now goes one step further. Once you’ve completed your submission, a simple eBrief Assistant will guide you through the process of creating a fully hyperlinked PDF eBrief. ExhibitManager will:

  • electronically bundle and stamp all your exhibits
  • transform all the citations in your submission to hyperlinks to the filed exhibits, transcript or even submissions (it can even automatically deep link to cited pages within exhibits)
  • create navigational bookmarks and bookmarks to all the exhibits

ExhibitManager: the intelligent way to create eBriefs.