Version 5.3 (Build 7687, 17.1.2021)
  • Fixed bug that occurred when changing exhibit type
  • Fixed bug relating to project access restrictions (wrong project opening)
  • Clearer error message when target file is open in eBrief assistant
  • Fixed empty ID field when importing exhibits into a new project
Version 5.3 (Build 7679, 9.1.2021)
  • Fixed bug relating to project access restrictions
  • Fixed bug when deleting user groups
Version 5.3 (Build 7667, 28.12.2020)
  • Fixed bug when opening or creating new project as unregistered user
Version 5.3 (Build 7655, 16.12.2020)
  • Fixed bug when adding multiple templates in the Template Editor
Version 5.3 (Build 7650, 11.12.2020)
  • Amend functionality with fields in pagination (including exhibit number and custom fields)
  • Fix bug when creating new local projects
  • Fix issue with multi-part exhibits
  • Fix issues with high-resolution screens
Version 5.3 (Build 7645, 06.12.2020)
  • Amend functionality for clear formatting button
  • Update Word Add-In
Version 5.3 (Build 7642, 03.12.2020)
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements
Version 5.3 (Build 7586, 08.10.2020)
  • Enable rich text support for Description and Short description field in Excel import
Version 5.3 (Build 7578, 30.09.2020)
  • Fixed issue with ordering exhibit bookmarks in eBrief
Preview Version 5.3 (Build 7576, 28.09.2020)
  • Fixed bug when filtering by tags in bundle dialog
  • Fixed bug in Template Editor (when editing ExhibitType templates)
  • Fixed bug with zoom in preview pane
  • Fixed bug when logging into SharepointOnline using incorrect site.
Preview Version 5.3 (Build 7568, 20.09.2020)
  • Fixed silent crash when updating local .emd files to latest version
  • Fixed notification that exhibit has been changed after changing path
  • Fixed bug when deleting exhibits
  • Fixed issue with empty Project Library Path after importing local project to SQL Server.
Preview Version 5.3 (Build 7556, 08.09.2020)
  • Minor bug fixes
Preview Version 5.3 (Build 7548, 31.08.2020)
  • Minor bug fixes
Preview Version 5.3 (Build 7502, 16.07.2020)
  • Minor bug fixes
Preview Version 5.3 (Build 7498, 12.07.2020)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
Version 5.3 (Build 7493, 07.07.2020)
  • Bug fixes (NumberingType in Project settings)
Version 5.3 (Build 7487, 01.07.2020)
  • Bug fixes
Preview Version 5.3 (Build 7486, 30.06.2020)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
Preview Version 5.3 (Build 7481, 25.06.2020)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
Preview Version 5.3 (Build 7478, 22.06.2020)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
Preview Version 5.3 (Build 7458)
  • Possibility to store documents on SharePoint Online for easier collaboration with co-counsel and experts.
  • Ability to create eBriefs with only the documents cited in the submission
  • Possibility to link to other documents in the notes field using ID#.
  • Hierarchical tags
  • Possibility to save exhibit bundle in PDF/A format
  • Possibility to include the exhibit number in the pagination
  • UI improvements, in particular to make editing of exhibits easier
Version 5.2 (Build 7391, 27.03.2020)
  • Duplicating automatically numbered exhibit numbers when duplicating project
  • Fixed bug when importing existing exhibits from Excel spreadsheet
Version 5.2 (Build 7320, 16.01.2020)
  • Signed with new code signing certificate
Version 5.2 (Build 7274, 01.12.2019)
  • Fixed problem with links to non-pdf files in eBrief
Version 5.2 (Build 7272, 29.11.2019)
  • Fixed problem that could occur with multiple LOE tables in one document
Version 5.2 (Build 7225, 13.10.2019)
  • Word Add-In resigned
Version 5.2 (Build 7213, 01.10.2019)
  • Fixed problems with exhibit numbers higher than 3999
  • Fixed problem with <ifnotempty> tag in citation styles
  • Fixed problem when opening Templates.db file with illegal path saved in default settings
Version 5.2 (Build 7140, 20.07.2019)
  • Fixed problems with citations in tables
  • Possibility to generate license audit report in PDF format
Version 5.2 (Build 7073, 14.05.2019)
  • Fixed bug when creating full-text catalog
Version 5.2 (Build 7062, 03.05.2019)
  • Added possibility to customize file names in eBrief
Version 5.2 (Build 7019, 21.03.2019)
  • Fixed issue with rich text descriptions/short descriptions in cover pages when bundling exhibits
  • Fixed issue when updating exhibit citations containing italics/bold/underlined in separate paragraphs
Version 5.2 (Build 7009, 11.03.2019)
  • UI tweaks (non-touch scrollbars)
Version 5.2 (Build 7002, 04.03.2019)
  • Solved issue that exhibit number would not be visible immediately after import
Version 5.2 (Build 6997, 27.02.2019)
  • Insert plain text into description/short description field to prevent font size issues in citations
  • Possibility to specify name of hyperlink character style for eBrief
  • Added support for MS Word style aliases
  • Changed alphabetic numbering of exhibits to MS Excel compatible format (AA, AB, AC, …)
  • Added possibility to specify characters used for alphabetic numbering
  • Solved issue with eBrief assistant when exhibits contained empty link
  • Solved issue with eBrief assistant when eBrief target folder contained “.”
  • Solved issue with eBrief assistant that could lead to wrong formatting of exhibit citations in table cells
  • Solved issue with (apparent) freeze in eBrief assistant with large projects/slow network connection
  • Solved issue with curly brackets “{” and “}” in formatting exhibit numbers
  • Solved issue with error message that could appear when OCRing documents in local projects
Version 5.2 (Build 6954, 15.01.2019)
  • Possibility to update existing documents by importing spreadsheet containing changes
  • Fixed bug that could occur when importing emails (no sender, recipient, date)
Version 5.2 (Build 6922, 14.12.2018)
  • Fixed bug that could occur when showing broken links and bundling exhibits
Version 5.2 (Build 6919, 11.12.2018)
  • Several UI tweaks
Version 5.2 (Build 6906, 28.11.2018)
  • Fixed bug that could occur in connection with duplicating projects
  • Improved updating of full-text search index
Version 5.2 (Build 6892, 14.11.2018)
  • Fixed bug that occurred when creating the schema in an empty database
  • Fixed bug in preview pane (preview did not update although document was edited)
Version 5.2 (Build 6886, 08.11.2018)
  • Fixed bug in relation to manually numbered exhibits (exhibit number not updating after editing exhibit)
  • Fixed bug that occurred when saving copy of a document when preview pane is closed
  • Fixed bug in installer
Version 5.2 (Build 6878, 31.10.2018)
  • Full-text search through SQL Server
  • Improved access management for projects
  • New user automatically added when opening project with proper access to SQL Server database
  • Preview pane can be floated
  • Notes and translation accessible in preview pane
  • Cover pages are fully customizable
  • Possibility to generate licensing reports
  • Substantial performance improvements
Version 5.1 (Build 6779, 24.07.2018)
  • Improved database update compatibility with old EM versions
Version 5.1 (Build 6748, 23.06.2018)
  • Fixed bug when creating schema for new database
  • Fixed bug that could occur when project name/client name had trailing spaces
Version 5.1 (Build 6738, 13.06.2018)
  • Fixed bug that could occur when changing a custom field type
  • Fixed bug that could occur when indexing annotations
  • Performance improvements
Version 5.1 (Build 6712, 18.05.2018)
  • Fixed bug that occurred when entering invalid templates.db file name
  • Performance improvements
Version 5.1 (Build 6687, 23.04.2018)
  • Added possibility to enter Microsoft Translator text API subscription key per project
Version 5.1 (Build 6683, 19.04.2018)
  • Automatically translate exhibits using the Microsoft Translator text API (requires subscription from Microsoft)
  • Fixed bug in user management
  • Fixed bug where popup menu would appear on the wrong screen
  • Fixed bug when importing data from spreadsheet (empty date field)
  • Performance improvements and other bug fixes
Version 5.1 (Build 6661, 28.03.2018)
  • User management: Restrict access to projects to users and groups of users. Limit access to certain features by assigning roles to users.
  • Import data from any eDiscovery tool via spreadsheets to ExhibitManager
  • Preview: Improved multi-page PDF file previewer
  • Templates: Templates (citation styles, LoE styles, project templates) can be stored in the SQL database (instead of in the Templates.db file) for easier maintenance
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
Version 5.0 (Build 6614, 09.02.2018)
  • Fixed bug relating to the formatting of LOE tables
Version 5.0 (Build 6607, 02.02.2018)
  • Fixed bug when upgrading empty database
Version 5.0 (Build 6605, 31.01.2018)
  • Installer forces reinstall of all necessary files when updating
Version 5.0 (Build 6597, 23.01.2018)
  • Fixed bug in full-text indexing
Version 5.0 (Build 6583, 09.01.2018)
  • Fixed bug in OCR
Version 5.0 (Build 6557, 14.12.2018)
  • Fixed bug relating to locked exhibits with chronological numbering
  • Fixed bug when entering new exhibit groups
Version 5.0 (Build 6547, 04.12.2017)
  • Improved capability to convert corrupt emails to PDF format
Version 5.0 (Build 6539, 26.11.2017)
  • Fixed problem with missing DLL
  • Fixed problem with formatting exhibit numbers with leading “0” in certain cultures
  • Added detailed logging possibilities
Version 5.0 (Build 6521, 08.11.2017)
  • Fixed bug in full-text search
  • Improved stability under certain .NET versions (4.0.30319)
Version 5.0 (Build 6513, 31.10.2017)
  • PDF viewer more tolerant to corrupt PDF files
Version 5.0 (Build 6410, 20.07.2017)
  • Possibility to open a project via start parameter (…/exhibitmanager.exe p “ProjectID”)
  • Fixed bug that occurred when converting certain .eml files with inline attachments to PDF
  • Fixed bug in standard Templates.db file by escaping the character “.” in the German language exhibit type “Schrift. Aussage”
Version 5.0 (Build 6351, 22.05.2017)
  • Possibility to add custom fields in LOE tables
  • Fixed bug regarding [DATE] field in LOE tables
  • Improved compatibility with future versions
Version 5.0 (Build 6306, 07.04.2017)
  • Standard Templates.db file will be installed in %appdata%\Causasoft\ upon starting ExhibitManager, unless a custom Templates.db file is already in place
Version 5.0 (Build 6303, 04.04.2017)
  • Performance increase (reloading exhibits)
  • User can select target database when importing projects
  • Bug fixes: export large projects to MS Excel format, duplicate project, scrolling in New/Open Project dialog
  • Customized Templates.db file will not be overwritten when installing new version
Version 5.0 (Build 6261, 21.02.2017)
  • Added possibility to place stamps and page numbers in bundles with increased accuracy (fractions of mm)
  • Added ExhibitManager item in additional context menus in MS Word (spell checking and track changes context menus)
  • Fixed bug in full text indexing that could occur when working in multiple time zones
  • Fixed bug that prevented ExhibitManager from opening projects in rare situations (Parameter is not valid, at System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Int32 width, Int32 height, PixelFormat format)
 Version 5.0 (Build 6220, 11.01.2017)
  • Fixed bug in “Open Project from Server” dialog (duplicate client names)
  • Fixed issue with importing new documents with empty project library
Version 5.0 (Build 6212, 03.01.2017)
  • Fixed bug that prevented updating of lists of exhibits in duplicated projects
Version 5.0 (Build 6149, 01.11.2016)
  • Fixed bug that occurred in amended eBriefs containing exhibits with page labels
Version 5.0 (Build 6131, 14.10.2016 )
  • Fixed minor bug regarding ordering of exhibit types in the list of exhibits dialog
Version 5.0 (Build 6129, 12.10.2016)
  • Fixed minor bug regarding non-sequential ID number of documents
Version 5.0 (Build 6128, 11.10.2016)
  • Added possibility to save bundles as PDF Portfolio
  • Fixed bug that could occur in OCR process
  • Fixed validation issue with URL
Version 5.0 (Build 6126, 09.10.2016)
  • Fixed bug with certain date format pre-settings
  • Installer copies Templates.db to %appdata%\Causasoft\ during installation
  • Reloads templates when creating new project
Version 5.0 (Build 6114, 27.09.2016)
  • Minor bug fixes/improvements (sorting of tags)
Version 5.0 (Build 6113, 26.09.2016)
  • Minor bug fixes/improvements
Version 5.0 (Build 6109, 22.09.2016)

Exhibit types:

  • Automatic chronological exhibit numbering
  • Possibility to choose start number for each exhibit type
  • Possibility to adjust exhibit number formatting (e.g. R-0002 instead of R-2)

Update exhibits:

  • Update exhibits in multiple documents at the same time (e.g. Statement of Claim and all witness statements)

Custom fields:

  • Create custom fields on a per project/case basis


  • Possibility to format filename, e.g. with date and exhibit number (20160812-Exh-R-0002.pdf)
  • Include custom fields in stamp and file name (e.g. exhibit number and trial bundle number (custom field))
  • Paginate exhibits
  • Bates number exhibits
  • Possibility to add cover page with exhibit number
  • Possibility to stamp every page with exhibit number
  • Possibility to change stamp colour


  • Possibility to amend an existing eBrief (e.g. add an interactive witness statement to the Statement of Claim eBrief)

Organizing exhibits:

  • Text annotations are included in full-text index
  • Email attachments are converted to PDF format (certain formats only)


  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixes
Version 4.3 (Build 6087, 31.08.2016)
  • Fixed a bug in connection with eBrief in MS Word format
Version 4.3 (Build 6071)
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when creating eBriefs with table cells that contained only ExhibitManager citations
  • Files are not anymore copied to the ExhibitManager library when they are already saved there
Version 4.3 (Build 5989)
  • Fixed issue which could lead to short descriptions disappear in certain circumstances
Version 4.3 (Build 5966)
  • Added possibility to use environment variables in ExhibitManager library path and links
Version 4.3 (Build 5924)
  • Added possibility to create hierarchical paths [Clientname]\[Projectname] by setting the XML tag <HierarchicalProjectLibrary> in the file ExhibitManager.settings to true
  • Fixed a bug that occurred in connection with certain computer names when starting ExhibitManager
  • The content controls containing the ExhibitManager citations are now unlocked
Version 4.3 (Build 5829)
  • Added possibility to update exhibit numbers in copy of the submission. This solves a problem with numbering paragraphs through numbered/nested lists in certain Microsoft Word environments
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when creating new projects without entering a client name
  • Prevent user from inserting citation into a content control
Version 4.3 (Build 5810)
  • Made application high-DPI aware
  • Fixed bug that occurred when opening projects with client names including apostrophes
Version 4.3 (Build 5800)
  • Added the possibility to filter by tags in the Bundle dialog
  • Fixed bug when exporting to .xlsx file (exhibit numbers not shown)
  • Fixed bug relating to full-text index path
  • Fixed bug that could occur when opening local project from command line
Version 4.3 (Build 5794)
  • Added the possibility access project settings from “Create new project” dialog
  • Added the possibility to define a file location for the full-text index on a per-project basis
  • Custom fields get full-text indexed
  • Performance enhancements
  • Several bug fixes in connection with full-text search (including memory leak)
Version 4.3 (Build 5736)
  • Added the possibility for multi-language OCR
  • Fixed bug that could occur when creating eBriefs in legacy mode with lists of exhibits including exhibits that have the Cite Without Date flag set.
  • Fixed problem that “^” was inserted into field when clicking “Open Linked File”
Version 4.3 (Build 5721)
  • Added the possibility for administrators to disable lock/unlock exhibit numbers and creating new projects locally
  • Size and position of floating preview panel is saved when closing the application
  • Fixed problem with preview disappearing in some instances when editing an exhibit
  • Installer updated
Version 4.3 (Build 5715)
  • File preview can be docked/floated to facilitate document review on second screen
  • Zoom in preview using CTRL-Mouse Wheel
  • Smaller default typeface in annotations
  • Cursor in MS Word document stays at previous position after updating exhibits
  • Fixed bug in Template Editor that prevented LOE titles from appearing in certain cases
  • Fixed bug in preview that could occur when navigating to a non-existing page
  • Fixed bug that could lead to wrong formatting of citations in eBrief in certain circumstances (citations in separate paragraphs with certain formatting and pinpoint to page numbers)
Version 4.3 (Build 5702)
  • “Update exhibits” command is now available in the context menu in Microsoft Word
  • User has to explicitly choose project type when creating a new project
  • Performance improvements when opening large projects
Version 4.3 (Build 5700)
  • Fixed issue when creating projects in a new database.
Version 4.3 (Build 5698)
  • “ExhibitManager.settings” file without version in file name to facilitate automated deployment
  • Several bug fixes.
Version 4.3 (Build 5696, 06.08.2015)
  • Dramatically improved performance when updating exhibit numbers and creating eBriefs when working with OpenXML (.docx) files. 
  • Possibility to define ExhibitManager library path for each project separately.
  • Possibility to easily access several ExhibitManager databases on MS SQL Server
  • Possibility to select text in PDF preview.
  • Short description can contain formatted text.
  • Convert .docx/.doc/.rtf/.emd/.msg files into PDF format.
  • Option to use installed Windows Preview Handlers to view files.
  • Streamlined user interface
  • Possibility for administrator to enable/disable certain features
  • Several bug fixes.
Version 4.2 (Build 5588)
  • Better scrolling in preview
  • Fixed problem with connection timeouts that could occur with remote/VPN connections to SQL Server
  • Proper error message when deleting projects
Version 4.2 (Build 5568)
  • Fixed problem concerning scrolling in preview
  • Fixed problem regarding character formating in exhibit description
Version 4.2 (Build 5545)
  • Fixed problem relating to preview (preview did not correctly remember page last visited)
  • Unicode support in exhibit description
Version 4.2 (Build 5507)
  • Fixed problem that could occur when concurrently importing exhibits
  • Project settings window is resizable
Version 4.2 (Build 5491)
  • Error-handling in full-text indexing improved
Version 4.2 (Build 5486)
  • Performance increase for full-text indexing (indexer runs in separate process)
  • Carriage returns and spaces at the end of the document description are automatically deleted
  • Manually numbered exhibits are sorted by number (instead of alphanumerically) in list of exhibits
Version 4.2 (Build 5457)
  • Possibility to open project by passing the project ID at startup (exhibitmanager.exe p ‘<projectID>’) (if database is on MS SQL Server)
  • Fixed bug that prevented the database file (embedded SQLite database) from being stored on file server using UNC path
  • Fixed bug that could occur when consolidating linked files
  • Fixed bug when displaying ampersand (&) in splash screen
Version 4.2 (Build 5449)
  • Updated code signing certificate
  • Fixed bug related to indexing that could occur when creating new project
Version 4.2 (Build 5442)
  • Fixed bug that could occur when converting certain HTML emails with inline attachments to PDF
Version 4.2 (Build 5437)
  • Fixed bug that inserted wrong exhibit number in certain circumstances
  • Fixed bug that prevented alternate citation style 3 from being used in certain circumstances
  • Fixed bug that occurred when citing multiple exhibits sorted by exhibit number
  • Fixed bug that occurred when creating new project in a fresh database on SQL Server
Version 4.2 (Build 5420)
  • Improvements for pinpoints to PDF page labels in eBriefs
Version 4.2 (Build 5416)
  • Fixed bug that occurred when creating the first exhibit in a new project
Version 4.2 (Build 5414)
  • Add proper page labels to PDF documents and possibility to refer to them in eBriefs (e.g. reference to p. iv of a document)
  • Fixed bug that occurred when attempting to edit multiple exhibits.
  • Fixed bug that occurred when sorting manually numbered exhibits.
  • Fixed bugs that occurred when clicking Edit Tags in the Import documents dialog.
Version 4.2 (Build 5405)
  • Convert .doc, .docx, and .rtf documents to PDF.
  • Fixed bug that occurred when creating eBriefs containing links with pinpoints to page numbers in non-PDF files.
Version 4.2 (Build 5400)
  • Templates.db can now be stored in roaming profile.
  • Fixed bug showing wrong exhibit type in some circumstances in the edit pane.
  • Fixed bug inserting exhibits multiple times.
  • Fixed bug when deleting exhibit groups.
  • Make better use of screen real estate for full-text search. Useful for laptops and tablets.
Version 4.2 (Build 5383, 27.09.2014)
  • Streamlined user interface: exhibits can be edited and annotated in the main view. Performance improvements when editing exhibits.
  • Possibility to add a short descriptions to an exhibit.
  • Custom fields in the database.
  • Up to four different citation styles can be used per exhibit type
  • Conditional fields in citation styles
  • PDF preview “remembers” last page viewed when switching between documents.
  • Exhibits can be tagged in the main view by using shortcuts.
  • Significant performance improvements when creating eBriefs with large lists of exhibits
  • Several bug fixes
Version 4.1 (Build 5224)
  • Manually numbered exhibits can correctly be sorted numerically (no more need to use trailing zeros when numbering manually numbered exhibits to achieve correct sort order, e.g. “C-003”)
  • eBrief can now contain internal links (e.g. table of contents, references to other paragraphs, etc.)
Version 4.1 (Build 5221)
  • Fixed bug in eBrief that prevented hyperlinks from working on Mac OSX
  • Exhibits are first numbered in footnotes, then main text
  • Customize fields for export
  • Bug fixes
Version 4.1 (Build 5151)
  • System variables such as %appdata% are now supported in the templates file path.
  • Fixed bug in template editor when editing exhibit types in a newly created new submission style.
Version 4.1 (Build 5141)
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance enhancements with large projects
Version 4.1 (Build 5122, 09.01.2014)
  • Preview files in the following formats: wordprocessor (.docx, .doc, .rtf, .htm, .mht., .txt), spreadsheet (.xlsx, .xls, .csv) and email (.msg, .eml) PDF (.pdf), images (.jpg, .tif., .gif, .bmp., .png)
  • Format list of exhibits as genuine tables in Microsoft Word.
  • Extended printing capabilities
  • Several bug fixes.
Version 4.0 (Build 5051, 30.10.2013)
  • Full-text search: Full text search your exhibits in ExhibitManager.
  • Digital signature: Digitally sign your submissions using a qualified digital signature from within ExhibitManager without having to switch to a special signing software.
  • List of exhibits titles: Automatically insert titles between different exhibit types in lists of exhibits.
  • Multi-part exhibit numbering: Multi-part exhibits can be saved as exhibit groups under the same exhibit number, but with different suffixes. For example, the main contract may be filed under the number Exh. R-1, while appendix 1 to the contract is Exh. R-1/1. Or the original language exhibit is filed as Exh. R-3a and its English translation under Exh. R-3/b.
  • New numbering possibilities: roman numerals (I, II, III,…) as well as alphabetic numbering (A, B, C,…). This is particularly convenient for Austria and the Italian part of Switzerland and other jurisdictions where claimants use alphabetic numbering and respondents the normal arabic numbering.
  • Import: Automatically insert the description, date and exhibit number when importing exhibits that have previously been created with ExhibitManager. This feature is very useful and timesaving when importing exhibits from opposing counsel (provided they are using ExhibitManager) or if you are an arbitrator and the parties are using ExhibitManager.
  • Links to URLs: Exhibits can not only be linked to locally stored files but to any URL. This is useful for creating eBriefs that not only link to exhibits physically stored on a memory stick or CD-ROM, but that contain hyperlinks to legal exhibits stored in legal databases (e.g. Swisslex, Westlaw, Decisions of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, Kluwerarbitration, etc.)
  • OCR: Improved OCR capabilities (accuracy, speed and file size, option to download more language dictionaries).
  • Interactive eBriefs: eBriefs can now also be created in Microsoft Word (.docx) format. This is particularly useful for sending draft submissions including all exhibits to clients, expert witnesses etc.
  • Import emails into ExhibitManager. Drag-and-drop email files (.msg or .eml) into ExhibitManager and ExhibitManager automatically inserts description and date based on the sender, recipient, date, and subject fields in the email.
  • Convert emails to PDF format (append PDF attachments to the PDF of the email itself instead of including them as attachments)
  • Plus several other improvements and bug fixes.
Version 3.7 (Build 4906)
  1. Fixed problem when validating empty date entries
  2. Citation styles and Project templates updated (legal exhibits in German/French language state court templates are unnumbered, removed superfluous paragraph marks)
Version 3.7 (Build 4898)
  1. Fixed bug concerning update of database structure (SQL server)
  2. Fixed bug concerning opacity of stamp in template editor
Version 3.7 (Build 4892)
  1. Fixed bug when deleting last exhibit in main view
  2. Fixed bug in PDF files that were generated by certain scanners
  3. Text stamp in template can contain several lines of text
  4. Fixed bug when searching formatted descriptions in main view
  5. Import project operation improved
  6. Validating date entries (exhibit dates earlier than 1 January 1753 are not valid)
Version 3.7 (Build 4861, 23.04.2013)
  1. Possibility to assign tags to exhibits in main ExhibitManager view
  2. New field “Client” added in Project settings
  3. Exhibits in the ExhibitManager Library are stored in sub-folders [Client]-[ProjectName]
  4. “Force OCR” to perform OCR (optical character recognition) even on pages that contain text
  5. Citation styles can be assigned to each exhibit type individually (useful to cite unnumbered exhibits such as transcripts or submissions)
  6. Template editor provides preview for citation styles
  7. Several new citation templates added
  8. Several bug fixes
Version 3.6 (Build 4828)
  1. Fixed bug relating to OCR.
Version 3.6 (Build 4823, 16.03.2013)
  1. Resolved issue where description text was not properly in ExhibitManager when Windows screen resolution was set to 125%.
  2. Resolved issue where stamped exhibit number is not rendered properly with Acrobat Reader XI.
  3. Fixed problem when copying text from OCRed PDF files.