Creating interactive eBriefs

Creating hyperlinked electronic briefs until now has been a tedious process. Prior to submitting their submission to the arbitral tribunal or court, law firms typically have to send all documents to a third-party service provider who will then prepare an eBrief. This process usually involves a delay of several days and considerable costs.

ExhibitManager now creates fully interactive eBriefs with just a few mouse clicks.




Your benefits

  • Create an eBrief with a simple eBrief Assistant will guide you through the process of creating a fully hyperlinked PDF eBrief. ExhibitManager will:
  • electronically bundle and stamp all your exhibits,
  • transform all the citations in your submission to hyperlinks to the filed exhibits, transcript or even submissions,
  • create fully hyperlinked lists of exhibits, and
  • create navigational bookmarks and bookmarks to all the exhibits.
Now the arbitrator or judge can study your  interactive eBrief including exhibits on a computer or an iPad anywhere without carrying boxes full of paper. Use ExhibitManager to make the impact your client deserves!


Download a sample eBrief here!