The Young Arbitrators Match (YAM) is the first and only competition which provides young arbitration practitioners with an opportunity to draft an arbitral award based on a set of facts and an exchange of written submissions between two parties to a dispute, in similar conditions to a real life arbitration.
Causasoft supports the 2016 Young Arbitrators Match by providing eBrief versions of the Statement of Claim and Statement of Defence created using the ExhibitManager, the intelligent litigation software. The eBriefs are fully hyperlinked PDF submissions, in which every citation of a legal or fact exhibit is linked to the corresponding PDF. Clicking on a citation or reference will open the corresponding exhibit in a new window. This will allow the YAM participants to quickly and efficiently review the submissions, evidence and legal exhibits and to focus on their task: drafting the arbitral award.
If you are interested in learning how you can use ExhibtManager in your litigation or arbitration practice, please contact us.