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In an ideal world, a legal submission and accompanying exhibits are completed well ahead of the deadline and can be handed off to a service provide to create – at considerable cost – a nice hyperlinked electronic brief (“eBrief”), with plenty of time to spare to check everything. In the real world, last minute changes, confidentiality considerations and cost concerns stand in the way of outsourcing your eBrief to an outside service provider.

ExhibitManager was developed with the real litigation/arbitration world in mind. It automatically links all citations when you are writing your submission in Microsoft Word so that you, as a lawyer, have the all the benefit of a hyperlinked submission and more as you are typing:

  • you can click on cited exhibits to open the linked document
  • you can mark or highlight sections of the linked document
  • you can make on the fly adjustments to the citation itself

ExhibitManager now goes one step further. Once you’ve completed your submission, a simple eBrief Assistant will guide you through the process of creating a fully hyperlinked PDF eBrief. ExhibitManager will:

  • electronically bundle and stamp all your exhibits
  • transform all the citations in your submission to hyperlinks to the filed exhibits, transcript or even submissions (it can even automatically deep link to cited pages within exhibits)
  • create navigational bookmarks and bookmarks to all the exhibits

ExhibitManager: the intelligent way to create eBriefs.