Subscription License

ExhibitManager is licensed per user (lawyer, paralegal, assistant, etc.) for a specific time period. Each license of ExhibitManager can be installed on your office computer, a home computer, and a laptop for easy access by a single user regardless of their location, allowing greater flexibility and productivity. Under this licensing model, you have the right to use the latest versions ExhibitManager version for a specific number of users for one year, and without any restrictions concerning the number of cases (projects) you manage with ExhibitMananger.

This licensing model is particularly attractive for teams that would like to keep the initial investment as low as possible and lawyers who want to use the latest features without having to worry about annual maintenance fees.

The licensing fee starts at CHF 300 per user/year (excluding VAT). The minimum package is 10 subscriptions. Volume discounts are available. Please contact us for details.

You can download the End-User License Agreement (EULA) here.

Training and Setup Cost

1 Consulting to reflect your law firms citation styles and format of lists of exhibits in ExhibitManager. The workshop is lead by Causasoft and takes 1-2 hours via video conference (costs CHF 250/hour).

2 Mandatory train-the-trainer and/or end user training onsite or via video conference by Causasoft (costs CHF 1550 excluding travel).

3 A technical base set up by the implementation partner onsite or remotely to optimize the integration into your IT environment is mandatory (costs CHF 250/hour). This work usually takes one day however, depending on the complexity of your IT environment this might require more time.

*pricing is subject to change without notice.