Implementation Partner

Our experienced IT partners can assist you with all aspects of successfully implementing ExhibitManager in your law firm: Sale, support, and integration into your current environment, etc.

The most efficient way to receive support is by selecting your implementation partner below and opening a ticket via their webpage.

Platform Partner


The SCC Platform

The SCC Platform – a secure digital platform for communication and file sharing between the SCC (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce), the parties and the tribunal.

The SCC Platform provides participants with a secure and efficient way of communicating and filing all case materials in the arbitration, such as procedural orders, submissions and exhibits, and will constitute the forum through which the SCC communicates with the parties, counsel and arbitrators throughout the proceedings.

ExhibitManager is working together with SCC.

See in this video how you can easily download an eBrief created from the SCC platform and work with it.

Technology Partner



iManage is our Technology Partner.

We are working with iManage to create a seamless integration between ExhibitManager and iManage.

Version 5.4 will be ready in Q2/2021. Furthermore we are working towards an iManage Partner Network to support you.