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ExhibitManager Version 5.3 is available

Version 5.3. includes the following compelling new features such as:

  • SharePoint Online integration for even better collaboration within teams or with experts and co-counsel. This is option allows you to store documents on a SharePoint Online site if working with a file server does not suit your needs.
  • User interface improvements:
  • Hierarchical tags.
  • Notes to the relevant exhibit are easily editable while reviewing the exhibit.
  • In the notes field, you may add links to other exhibits.
  • The translation field is visible and can be edited while reviewing the exhibit.
  • Create a zip file from your eBrief for easier upload on a filing platform (e.g. the SCC platform).
  • Convert your exhibit bundle into PDF-A format as required in a number of jurisdictions.
  • Add the exhibit number to the pagination.
  • progress icon for the upload process.


See the change log for full details. You may easily update from Version 5.2. We highly recommend you update ExhibitManager on a regular basis. Download link (you will need a password, which will be provided upon request). Please contact

Our newest release delivers the capabilities you’ll need to write compelling briefs even easier as a big team.