iManage Integration

In this tutorial you will see how to work with the new iManage integration in ExhibitManager. You will learn how to import documents from iManage to ExhibtiManager and how to upload new documents to iManage directly from ExhibitManager. Read More

Adding exhibits of your opponent to your project

Is your opponent also using ExhibitManager? Great! Here you will learn how to save time when adding exhibits from your opponent to your project. Read More

Download an eBrief from the SCC platform onto your iPad

Learn how to download an eBrief from the SCC filing platform onto your iPad. Read More

Page numbering and pinpoint

Learn how to create eBriefs that link to specific pages in exhibits. Read More

Create an eBrief

Learn how to create an eBrief with just a few mouse clicks. Read More

Inserting lists of exhibits

Learn how to insert lists of exhibits into your submissions. Read More

Editing and annotating exhibits

Learn how to edit and annotate exhibits. Read More

Organizing exhibits

With ExhibitManager, you can organize exhibits in multiple ways. Here you learn how. Read More

Citing exhibits

Learn how to cite exhibits into your submission. Read More

Adding new exhibits

Learn how to add new exhibits to your project. Read More