I have not used ExhibitManager for the first round of submissions. How can I start numbering at e.g. exhibit number C-50 for the second round?

As of version 5, you can define a start number for each exhibit type in ExhibitManager. Therefore, if you do not want to import already filed exhibits into ExhibitManager, you can set the start number for each exhibit type under File->Project settings.

However, we do recommend that you import exhibits that have been filed with previous submissions so that they can be cited again in future submissions.

  1. Import the already filed exhibits into ExhibitManager by exhibit type (make sure you select the right exhibit type)
  2. Cite the imported exhibits in the correct order into an empty Word document (your “dummy submission”) by exhibit type. You may select several exhibits at the same time (we suggest you cite batches of 50 to 100 exhibits).
  3. Press “Update exhibits”
  4. Press “Lock exhibit numbers”.
  5. Keep your Word document with the cited exhibits (i.e. your “dummy submission”) in case you have to renumber your exhibits in the future.