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Managing exhibits in legal submissions.


ExhibitManager is the intelligent software for litigators and arbitration practitioners which makes writing large submissions with numerous exhibits easy.

60% of the leading arbitration practices (GAR 30) are using ExhibitManager today.

The key benefits for your practice are:

Analyze your case

Analyze, categorize (type, date, issues etc. ) and annotate documents; all team members have access to this information.


Write your submission

Insert exhibits in a uniform style (fully customizable). All exhibits are numbered automatically. You can review exhibits cited in the submission with one mouse click.


Finalize your submission

Insert lists of exhibits within seconds (chronological or by exhibit number). Stamp exhibits and create bundles automatically. No more bad surprises at the hearing.


Create eBriefs

Create a hyperlinked pdf version of your submission with a few mouse clicks. No more external service providers needed

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The leading arbitration teams are using ExhibitManager today. Contact us for references.


Introduction to ExhibitManager