Managing exhibits in legal submissions.

ExhibitManager is the intelligent software for litigators and arbitration practitioners which makes writing large submissions with numerous exhibits easy.


The key benefits for your practice

70% of the leading arbitration practices (GAR 30) are using ExhibitManager today.

Your benefits
  • Icon Analyze, categorize (type, date, issues etc.) and annotate documents; all team members have access to the same documents.
  • Icon Organize exhibits in different ways: chronologically, according to issues or any other convenient way.
  • Icon Search, preview, edit and OCR exhibits.
  • Icon Review and annotate exhibits to share knowhow in your team real time.
Your benefits
  • Icon Cite exhibits effortlessly in your Corporate Identity styles.
  • Icon Be confident the formatting and numbering is always correct with ExhibitManager.
  • Icon Save time by inserting exhibit citations into your submission with a simple mouse click.
  • Icon Adding an additional exhibit is easy, because exhibits are automatically renumbered.
  • Icon Use your existing law firms' templates in multiple languages.
  • Icon Review or open an exhibit directly from your submission with a mouse click.
Your benefits
  • Icon Significant time savings from hours for a small submissions up to several days for a submission with thousands of exhibits.
  • Icon Organize your list of exhibits chronologically or by exhibit number.
  • Icon Create trial bundle index including your opponent's exhibits.
  • Icon Last minute changes are easy, because exhibits are automatically renumbered.
  • Icon Create bundles automatically: exhibits will be numbered and stamped with whatever label you choose. The stamp is customizable with the exhibit number, the case number and even your firm’s logo.
  • Icon Print or submit the bundle to the court or arbitral tribunal electronically.
Your benefits
  • Icon Create an eBrief with a simple eBrief Assistant.
  • Icon Transform the exhibit citations in your submissions and witness statements to hyperlinks to the filed exhibits, transcripts or other submissions.
  • Icon Create fully hyperlinked lists of exhibits.
  • Icon Create pinpoints to specific pages, navigational bookmarks and bookmarks to exhibits.
  • Icon The arbitrator or judge can study your interactive eBrief including exhibits on a computer or an iPad anywhere without carrying boxes full of paper. Use ExhibitManager to make the impact your client deserves!
Your benefits
  • Icon Create hyperlinked lists of key documents per issue for a winning opening statement.
  • Icon Prepare your own witnesses with relevant witness bundles.
  • Icon Use ExhibitManager to identify key documents for cross-examination.
Your benefits
  • Icon All team members working on a matter have access to the same exhibits.
  • Icon Annotate exhibits and share knowledge within your team.
  • Icon Possibility to store documents on SharePoint Online for easier collaboration with co-counsel and experts.
  • Icon ExhibitManager enforces uniform citation styles when exhibits are cited in legal submissions.
Your benefits
  • Icon Review and analyse your case in a timely manner.
  • Icon Automatically share case knowledge with your team members writing the submission.
  • Icon Save time automatically renumbering the exhibits and lists of exhibits during the critical days and hours before a filing deadline.
  • Icon Automatically create exhibit bundles according to the tribunal's specifications.
  • Icon Create fully hyperlinked eBriefs in minutes without the need for an external service provider.

What is ExhibitManager?

ExhibitManager – the smart way to deal with numerous exhibits in legal submissions. By litigators, for litigators.

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The leading arbitration teams are using ExhibitManager today.

Platform Partner

The SCC Platform

A secure digital platform for communication and file sharing between the SCC (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce), the parties and the tribunal.

The SCC Platform provides participants with a secure and efficient way of communicating and filing all case materials in the arbitration, such as procedural orders, submissions and exhibits, and will constitute the forum through which the SCC communicates with the parties, counsel and arbitrators throughout the proceedings.